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Insurance Investigation

We have achieved remarkable growth in the space of rendering credible administrations for the Verification of Insurance Claims. In numerous protection guarantee cases protection, the specialist rapidly needs to locate the genuine conditions of the case. At times exploitative customers will in general bend or even stow away essential data and certainties. Insurance agencies regularly need to unveil protection misrepresentation and take viable counter-measures. Give us a chance to help our customers with it.

  • Insurance Death Claim Investigation
  • Address Checks
  • Identity and Personal Checks
  • Family Checks and Financial Checks
  • Medical summary Checks
  • Past and Last Illness Details Checks
  • Neighborhood checks
  • Information collection on above aspects
  • Proof & Evidence gathering on above aspects

    The news of Insurance Fraud in India pop up regularly in the media. The insurers are losing millions as a result of fraudulent claims and fraudsters have posed a serious threat to the insurance industry. The fraudulent insurance claims are generally made by forming a strategy and are supported by fabricated documentary evidence such as fake death certificates, hospital bills, and medical reports, and in some cases police reports. The beneficiaries also arrange for false witnesses in support of their claim. Under such circumstances, a basic investigation is not enough to expose the fraud and thus a detailed investigation needs to be carried out to verify the death, cause of death, place and time of death, and other particular information. Organized gangs have emerged who have nexus with doctors, police officials, and municipal office and village administrators. To fight this menace, the insurers have either set up their fraud control units or have outsourced the said work to specialized agencies.

    Our team of expert investigators is specialized in death claim verification in India and has the potential to smell the rat and expose the fraud. Their experience in the industry has enabled them to prudently differentiate fraudulent claims from genuine claims. Analysis of minute details gives a clue as to the genuineness or fraud involved in a claim. The suspected documents and information are verified in a specialized manner which reveals the truth of the claim. During the claim investigations, the statements of third parties who are familiar with the death of the insured are also recorded and matched with that of the beneficiary. If there is any inconsistency between the statements, the same is investigated in detail. After the investigation is complete, we will send you a detailed report containing all the relevant information.